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Meher Baba

One day Baba asked everyone in turn, "Does any one of you, when meditating, sleep?" Some said, "Yes."

"Do you repeat 'Baba'? The goal is that the mind has to go entirely and Self remain with full consciousness.

"The mind has to have itself as the medium for disappearing. It is very important. So listen and try to understand: As long as mind exists, the ego exists. Self, as it were, does not exist. The mind has to go and then Self asserts itself. It has to make itself the medium for this disappearance. That is why it is impossible for the mind to go. It is like the eye trying to see itself without a mirror.

"Now, the mind tries to go by meditation. The moment it is on the point of going, consciousness goes too. The mind tries to be calm, having the rhythm of Baba, and forget everything. But the moment it wants to go, consciousness goes or the mind goes into a trance (Samadhi). Samadhi is the All-Blissful state, but as soon as Samadhi is finished, the normal consciousness comes back. Self does not assert itself. What has to happen is that the mind must go but consciousness must remain. The self sees Self (I am everywhere) but it is impossible. It needs Baba.

"What tells you that you are 'Norina' or 'Garrett' is your mind, not your Self. Your Self now apparently does not exist. Your limited mind tells you that you are limited. When the Self tells you, it says you are unlimited. When the mind goes and you are conscious, you then actually experience being unlimited — that is actual experience.

"Now you think you are 'Delia.' Imagine your being everything — these pillars, walls, everything. You are, but you cannot understand. Why? Because the mind is there.

"Realization means being fully awake in the sound-sleep state. In sound sleep, there is no mind, no consciousness. You don't see anything, not even dreams of the subconscious. You don't hear, see or feel. But Self exists and there is consciousness also. It is just like the sound-sleep state, the only difference is that you are conscious of it."


LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, pp. 157-158, Kitty Davy
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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