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Dr. Abdul Ghani, Munsif

While discussing the temperamental make-up of a certain disciple of Baba, I happened to inquire whether the human nature of a man undergoes any radical transformation after God-Realization, or whether the said characteristics in him do persist even afterwards.

Baba said:

"The nature or Tabiyat of a person after becoming one with God remains the same, but it is expressed in a different light. Formerly in the ordinary state a man's anger, greed, curses, abuses, were for himself only and besides being harmful to the surroundings, they usually recoiled on himself, because they were the outcome of his self-egoism. Where there is ego, there is no God and where there is God, there is no room for egoism.

"But the actions and words of a God-realized man are devoid of all egoistic tendencies and although the original characteristics of his mind and nature do persist in him after God-realization, they do nothing but good to the surroundings whenever expressed. Hafiz has said:

Khatiram waqti havas kardi ke binam chiz ha
Ta tora didam na daram juz badidarat havas.

"The couplet explains very clearly 'that it was ingrained in his nature to see different and various objects; but on seeing Him, he now does not want to see anything else but Him'.

"It only means that the desire of his nature to see things was still there. In the early stages of his humanity he wanted to see and enjoy variety of things and objects, and now he wants to see God only. The desire of seeing remains the same, but it is now shorn of its egoism.

"Likewise the habits of anger, abuses, beatings, etc., remain ingrained in a person even after his becoming a saint, but a colossal change takes place in its expression. Whenever and on whomsoever it is expressed or expended, it results in nothing but good to the recipients thereof, since there is no personal motive behind it.

"When a saint is in the most perfect and peaceful internal state, or that some internal working of his is nearing completion and success, there sometimes occurs automatically an overflow of the internal state externally. The external outburst by a saint is the shadow of the internal perfect state, and is radically contraindictory of the Bliss within and consequently in its outer manifestation it takes the form of abusive language, beatings, etc.

"But whoever receives these ego-shattering blessings from a Master in the form of abuses and physical chastisement, is very lucky indeed and undoubtedly a good deal of benefit accrues to him especially in external affairs.

"Now you people since your connection with me is settled and determined from Roz-e-Azal (the first day of creation) and which connection no power on earth can alter or modify, you have no need of these outbursts in the form of abuses and beatings. Even when it occurs you should not mind. During the course of my spiritual working very often the cup of my Bliss overflows and I desire to share it with the fortunate one nearest at hand."


1975 © Avatar Meher Baba Poona Center


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