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You would have had a tiresome journey and not slept well. Don't feel drowsy, but listen carefully to what I say. Just now, Baba gave the idea of God-realization that only one in lakhs and that too after cycles can get God-realization. But don't be disappointed at all this delay and trouble. There are three solutions for this:

1st Solution — To become dust and come to Me. This is very difficult. To become dust, is not an easy thing.

2nd Solution — Be in the world, in your family and job and look after your commitments; but every day and every time, take Baba's name FOURTEEN times daily. [Don't repeat less than fourteen times but repeat as many times as you can.... later amended by Baba.] Then you will come to Me. Hold fast to this. If you take to Me fourteen times daily, you will surely come to Me. I say this with the authority of My being the Highest of the High.

This may seem easier, but it is as difficult and perhaps more difficult than the first solution.

3rd Solution — When you breathe your last, repeat Baba's name and you will surely come to Me.

This may look or seem easiest, but that is also very difficult. Unless you are in the habit of loving Me every second of your life, you cannot think of Me in the last moment.

Even if the above three are not possible, there is a fourth solution.

4th Solution — Do selfless service to others. Baba is in all and in every one. You will be serving God, if you do selfless service. Under all circumstances and situations, whether you undergo hardships and whether you get reward or not, do selfless service. Then also, you will come to Me.

Look at these persons like saint Gadge Maharaj, etc. They do selfless service. They love Baba and talk to others of Baba. Gadge Maharaj had himself come for My 'Darshan.' Other people take his 'Darshan' also. Gadge Maharaj and others go about from place to place and help the poor, run Dharamshalas, schools, Leper House etc., explain about Love and Loving God and do 'Kirtans' and infuse 'Bhakti' (Love) in all. They do selfless service and go on foot and sometimes they do not even eat or sleep.

Take the case of Vinoba Bhave. He is an old man and does selfless service and tells others of God's love. Just as they are doing selfless service, you all can do and are doing selfless service although you do not know what you are doing.

Try to do selfless service through Love, without the least thought of Ego. Don't think 'you' are loving one who ought not to be loved. Selfless service is very difficult even for saints. Sometimes, only one, one in many, can succeed in doing this kind of selfless service to others....

Don't think that there is selfless service only in India. There are other like ones — in the West also. There was, for instance, a doctor, who had a Leper Hospital (Dr. Daniel). Now there is Dr. Schweitzer in South Africa living with lepers. He had not met Baba and does not know who Baba is, in spite of doing selfless service.

Why can they not see Baba? Because the mind is still there, in the service, as being selfless. Although Baba is in them, they do not reach or know Baba because the mind is there. Even they — they [those] who do selfless service, their mind is there — no sooner they drop their body come to Me.

LIFE IS A JEST, p. 49-51, ed A. K. Hajra
1969 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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