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Bhau Kalchuri

On Sunday, February 5th, 1967, Baba stated:

I am both divine and human. Those who live with me feel more of my humanity than my divinity. Those old and new ones who come and see me for a while see more of my divinity than my humanity. But those who stay with me will, in the end, not only feel my divinity but will also experience it.

This message was sent to Adi Sr., but he was told not to publish it. When he read it, he was disturbed, and the next time he went to Meherazad he asked Baba, "What does this mean? Do you mean to say that those who live away from you will be deprived of experiencing your divinity?"

Baba snapped, "You fool, where does it say that?"

"It does not say it," Adi contended, "but it implies it."

Baba replied, "Not at all. It does not say that only those who stay with me will experience my divinity — many will!"

But when the message was later given through Mani's February Family Letter, the last line was changed to read: "... All my intimate lovers whether living with me or away from me will, in the end, experience my divinity."

On another occasion, Baba explained that he seldom ever gave his lovers experiences of the Spiritual Path [meaning, the planes](1). He gave the simile of a lighted kerosene lantern placed on the floor, and stated: "While the lantern sheds light all over the room, the circle close to its base is in shadow. When I give my close circle that which I have to give, it will be the Real Thing."

(1) In regard to the Spiritual Path, Meher Baba had explained that the Avatar and Perfect Masters usually take their disciples "through the planes veiled" or "blindfolded." In other words, they may be functioning on a high plane but unaware of it.

A noteworthy example of this would be Vivekananda, one of the chief disciples of Sadguru Ramakrishna of Calcutta; Vivekananda had a magnetic presence and could literally spellbind large crowds when he spoke of God.

One may also conclude that a long-serving, obedient disciple such as Hafiz "journeyed through the planes veiled for forty years" under the Qutub Mohammed Attar's guidance.


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