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Meher Baba

For the purpose of illustration regard God as water and the longing for water as love; and philosophy, or Shariat, as a water-divining rod.

With the help of a water-divining rod one may become aware of the existence of water, though one may not actually see it. This is certainty without seeing, and knowledge without experiencing. If one has no longing for the water one will certainly remain satisfied with this intellectual certainty only.

But if one longs for water one will zealously undergo all the troubles of getting it till one gets it. Needless to say that, after seeing it, the longing for drinking it will become intense, and this intense longing will drive one to drink it.

There are millions of people who believe in God but do not care even to see Him. They are satisfied with merely ilmul Yakin (intellectual certainty). But those who are really spiritually-minded cannot be satisfied with this intellectual certainty, which is, after all, shallow. It is far better to be spiritually restless than to be thus satisfied. One must yearn, not only after ainool Yakin (sighted certainty), but also haque Yakin (realized certainty), for God can be seen and realized.


MEHER BABA ON LOVE, pp. 22-23, ed. K. K. Ramakrishnan
1978 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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