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Meher Baba

Every soul is eternally and inviolably one with the one undivided and indivisible universal Soul, which is the sole Reality. Yet false identification with the bodies and the ego-mind creates the illusion of manyness and of differentiation within the whole. The bodies, with the ego-mind, are only the mediums or the vehicles of consciousness; and as the soul experiences the different inner planes through its different mediums or vehicles, it goes through different states of consciousness.

Most souls are unconscious of their true nature as God, who is the Unity and the Reality of all souls. God-realization is latent in them, since it has not yet come to be experienced consciously. Those who have cast off the veil of duality experience the soul through itself independently of any mediums or vehicles. In this experience the soul consciously knows itself as being identical with God.

Life in the Truth of the unity of all brings with it freedom from all limitations and sufferings. It is the self-affirmation of the Infinite as infinite. In this state of spiritual Freedom and Perfection, the ego-life is finally and completely surrendered in order to experience and release the divine life in the Truth; and God is known and affirmed as the only Reality worth living for.

To realize God is to dwell in eternity; it is a timeless experience.


DISCOURSES, 7th ed, p. 345
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