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Meher Baba

When you "awake," you find that the great Dream containing all the varied illusory aspects of dreaming has vanished forever. Heaven and hell as well as the planes vanish within your Self, to remain as nothing. In this "awakened" state, there is no scope for anything besides you — the Self, the Existence, eternal and infinite.

This is the only Experience worth experiencing and aspiring after. To gain this Experience you have to become as dust at the feet of the Perfect Master — which amounts to becoming as nothing. And when you become absolutely nothing, you become Everything. Once I awaken in your heart, you too will awake for all time.

It is My God-ordained work to awaken humanity to the inviolable unity and inalienable divinity of all life. Know that you are in essence eternal, and heirs to infinite Knowledge, Bliss and Power.


MEHER BABA CALLING, p. 45, ed Jamshed B. Mistry & J. Flagg Kris
1982 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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