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In the early 1960s Padri had an order from Baba to inform Him whenever it rained in Meherabad. It rained a little bit. And Padri had a little more time on his hands than usual so he wrote his note to Baba with a little more flamboyance than usual, something to the effect that because of the grace of God in all His magnificence etc, it rained today in Meherabad.

Baba got the note and was so angry and so upset at Padri because it had rained at Meherabad and not at Meherazad. So He sent Padri the following note:

"Everything you cherish will be destroyed.
Everything you worked for will be uprooted,
and your very existence will be crushed out.
Thy utter ruination shall be."

Padri got this note and he was so happy, so joyful, that he held it up to all about him as if to indicate that the note was proof from Baba that He would remove the veil that separated him from Baba. Padri commented that if a novice had received this note he would have piddled in his pants.

For those of us Baba really loves, He destroys everything we cherish, He uproots everything we worked for and He crushes out our very existence. For the things we cherish, the things we have worked for are nothing other than the veils that separate us from Him. For those of us He really loves, He crushes the veil of our own existence that separates us from Him — our own existence being the veil that separates us from Him.


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