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Meher Baba

During the course of conversation some other lover asked, "Baba, how can we be relieved of our bindings?"

Baba said, "You are not bound at all — you are free eternally. Only when you think, you become bound. For example, you are sitting here. A second before this you had absolutely no thought of your wife and children in Bombay. You were completely free from the bindings they impose on you and the bindings you impose on yourself for them. The moment you think of them all the ties of misery and happiness bind you.

"Therefore the only way to realize that you are eternally free and that you have no bindings is to love Baba wholeheartedly and to think of Baba constantly."


HOW A MASTER WORKS, p. 608, Ivy O. Duce
1975 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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