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Meher Baba

"To come to me" means experiencing me as I am. No more bondage of births and deaths. But it does not mean the state of a Perfect Master, of Perfection. That is only to be attained in the gross body. So if you are not blessed with this state of perfection, at least you can have liberation.

If you just take my name at the moment of dropping your body, you will come to me. Yes, anyone. It's not easy to take my name at the very moment of leaving the body. Then you individually experience infinite bliss.

After liberation you continue to experience infinite bliss eternally. Why? Because it belongs to you eternally. You experience what belonged to you eternally. Even spiritual ecstasy cannot be compared with Divine Bliss. Remember this!


THE GOD-MAN, p. 337, C. B. Purdom
1971 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


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