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Bill Le Page

1961 and again Guruprasad was prepared for Baba's stay. This time Baba stayed in seclusion, and all His lovers were warned that if they disturbed Him He would abruptly return to Meherazad. So Guruprasad remained quiet, and all took great pains not even to go near Guruprasad in case they in any way displeased Him.

However, much to the joy of the mandali, one day Baba suddenly announced that He would give darshan to all the small children of His lovers. Then it was pointed out that small children would need a parent or guardian, and so Baba agreed that one adult should come with them.

This was done, and it was a happy time for children and guardians alike, and so too for the mandali who welcomed the relaxation of His severe seclusion work even for a day.

After that, Baba decided that all His adult lovers could have His darshan — but with very strict guidelines. Each could see Him once only within a two week period, each could bow to him and then return home, with no questions and no disturbance of any kind.

This led to a great rush of people, despite the prospect of only a glimpse of their Beloved. Amongst that rush came Harry Kenmore from New York for just a glimpse of his Beloved 'Pop' and in accordance with His wish, he returned that night to New York.


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