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When, after becoming free of all childishness, a man really becomes child-like, he realizes God.
— Meher Baba

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For Children
Whenever people call Me I listen, but not so much as I do to children.
Message For Youngsters
The whole life is like playing the game of hide and seek, in which you must find your real self.
The Real Spirit Of Sportsmanship
True sportsmanship is concentrated ability enlivened with appreciation of the performance of others.
The 1996 Youth Sahavas
Then we went inside Baba's House to absorb the love that was flowing and to say goodbye to all the people we had grown to love so much during the Sahavas.
What Can I Say About Children
If Baba hadn't loved children so much, He wouldn't have loved us so much!
All Is A Game
When God is found, if sought, why then should you not get the trifles you seek, if you seek them wholeheartedly?
Saga Of A Child's Love
Certainly no merely human desire, however intense, would induce a small boy to forego sleep and food for six days, while compelling his body to undergo the rigorous ordeal of walking fourteen to twenty miles a day.
Eruch said, "Well, now that you have seen him, ask of him what you will. What do you want from him?"
Avatar And Cricket-Lover
Often when He is driving in a car and if time permits, and He finds small children playing cricket with a plank as a bat and a rubber ball, Baba would ask the car to be stopped and watch the game with interest.
Kids Say The Darndest Things
Many children would dig out my locket, kiss it and say, "I love Baba."
A Happy Time For Children
Much to the joy of the mandali, one day Baba suddenly announced that He would give darshan to all the small children of His lovers.
What Kind Of Car
The boy was very happy to do this. From a mile off, he started honking the horn.
Mehera Was The Queen Of Hearts
We children sat in a corner with her as she told us about Krishna and Radha or of Mirabai, the queen who gave away her material world for the love of Krishna.
Always Found Time For Us
Mani, Baba's sister, was another favorite, delightful and pretty, with an infectious smile and a tremendous sense of humor.
Charles Literally Flew Into Baba's Embrace
The thought went through my mind: I do hope that Baba knows which child is mine!
Wonderful New Experience Of Life On The Hill
Baba looked at her with amazement in His eyes and said with gestures, "I am Master of the whole Universe, and you call me a cheat?"
The Bad Things In The World, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
She couldn't understand why, since Baba was God, He had allowed awful things like scorpions and snakes and lizards to be created.
Come To A Decision
For his own reasons, Baba always kept a few children near him.
The Gem Of An Institution
With the advent of fourteen boys from Persia, two of whom were Mohammadans and the rest Zoroastrians, the Persian section was opened on the 17th of July, 1927 in the Hazrat Babajan High School, which is attached to the Ashram.
The Divine Life
Love and you will find Me. I am ready to make you Vivekanandas and Ram Thirthas, Alis and Arjuns; the only prize asked for is Love.
Giving And Receiving
I find a great many young people seem to think that because they are now acknowledging Baba as the Christ and they claim to love Him, that therefore He should take away all of their problems.

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