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Badthings, Part 2


Eruch Jessawala

Mani told that story in the hall one day, and so it happened there was a young girl here with us at the time. So I was trying to think of what story I should tell for her. I knew she wouldn't be interested in discussions about free will, or planes of consciousness, and Mani's story reminded me of another one involving Baba's niece, and I thought this young girl, since she was about the same age as Baba's niece has been when she was here, might be interested.

So I went on to relate how this niece looked at the photo of Baba and asked why in the photos there was often a sort of halo of light around Baba but in real life that halo didn't exist. And Baba replied, "With your eyes you are able to see the halo in the photo, but it takes another eye," And Baba pointed to His forehead, "to see the halo in real life. If you were to look at Me with that eye, you would see a halo around Me."

And no sooner had I finished this story than the girl spoke up and said, "But I see the halo."

"Yes," I said, "you can see it in the photograph, but that's not really a halo."

"No, no," the girl said, "whenever I go to the tomb I see the halo around Baba's marble slab."

"You do?" I asked. For this was news to me.

I have never seen such a halo. And so I asked her many questions, thinking this must be a child's imagination, but she was quite definite. I suggested it was the sunlight from the door, or she was merely seeing the light reflected in Baba's photograph behind the marble, but she was very definite, she told me where she stood and how the light was all around the slab and so on and so forth, and she was quite surprised because she assumed that everyone saw this light.

And this was a good lesson for me to not underestimate Baba. To not assume that just because I do not have a certain experience that Baba might not give it to someone else. It is impossible to limit Baba. And since then, we have heard many such stories, and it seems that Baba often appears to the youngsters in ways which are not given to us.


THAT'S HOW IT WAS, pp. 26-27
1995 © Eruch Jessawala


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