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Davis Taylor

I know you think it's silly to pray
because I know your every wish, your every thought.

Pray all the same.
Here's why.

Pray for others. Such prayer strengthens love
and brings both them and you closer to me.

Pray for peace, and as you pray,
surrender to my will.

Pray for guidance. I'm here.
Your prayer tightens the bond between us.

Pray to know me.
In time, you will.

Pray for release from time and space.
I feel you hesitate. That's why I keep you here
to dwindle away.

Pray to know and do my will.
Pray to remember me.

Pray for help to love me more and more,
to hold my daaman.

Pray to remember me before all doing
that I might act, not you.

Pray in thanks for food,
shelter, warmth, good health.

Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation,
for cheerfulness with all.

Pray for forbearance.
Pray not to judge.

Pray to be generous.
Pray to serve without thought of self.

Pray for my love and grace,
to be rich in these.

Pray from abundance, not from want.
Pray till every thought's a prayer.

Pray constantly
and then for sure you'll be with me.

(10/13, p. m.)

2013 © Davis Taylor

Listening to Meher Baba in the Barn


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