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Part 3


R. S. Singh Baghel

After obtaining necessary instructions by their Lord Meher Baba they all had flied away by their means of conveyances. The peculiar and divine conference had been continuing for three to four hours in the night.

That divine conference was being seen by those unknown carpenters staying in the east compound to Baba's tent since beginning to end. They had been hearing whole the discussions and conversation made by the participants of the divine conference because they were talking and speaking loudly and openly.

Those carpenters who were in a great surprise had been unable to understand the matter of discussions and conversation because the language of the participants of conference was unknown to the spectators, the wooden workers. But they could not be able to avoid themselves from seeing the surprising divine meeting.

Early in the morning of 4 February, 1954, those carpenters came to the temple and they narrated whole the incident and wonderful divine scene which had been seen and heard by them. They were feeling themselves greatly fortunate and in a surprising happy mood have described the scenery of that divine conference which had been seen by them attentively and continuously during last night.

They were feeling highly surprised and boundlessly glad themselves after seeing the divine conference as they had expressed their feelings of love and emotion before the chief worker Mr. Prabhudayal Khare along with author and other Baba workers. The author and Mr. Prabhudayal Khare and all the lovers present at the time had been hearing all the narrations made by carpenters with great surprise and peculiarity. All the Baba lovers gave their thanks to the carpenters for their unique fortune.

That type of divine darbar had been held by Avatar Ram at the spiritual shrine of Maharshi Bharadwaj at Prayag (Allahabad) on the Juncture of Ganga and Yamuna river. Just like that old conference, the conference was held at Ichhaura by the Avatar of the age. The same importance had been given to bathe in Betva at the holy place at village Ichhaura.


2010 © R. S. Singh Baghel


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