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Meher Baba

All religions of the world proclaim that there is but one God, the Father of all in creation. I am that Father. I have come to remind all people that they should live on earth as the children of the one Father until My Grace awakens them to the realization that they are all one without a second, and that all divisions and conflicts and hatreds are but a shadow-play of their own ignorance.

Although all are My children they ignore the simplicity and beauty of this Truth by indulging in hatreds, conflicts and wars that divide them in enmity, instead of living as one family in their father's house. Even amongst you who love Me and accept Me for what I am there is sometimes lack of understanding of one another's hearts.

Patiently I have suffered these things in silence for all My children. It is now time that they become aware of the presence of their Father in their midst and of their responsibility towards Him and themselves. I shall break My Silence, and, with My Word of words, arouse My children to realize in their lives, the indivisible Existence which is GOD.

Throughout the years I have been giving many messages and discourses. Today I simply want to tell you who are gathered here in My love to shut the ears of your minds and open the ears of your hearts and hear My Word when I utter it.

Do not seek My Blessing which is always with you, but long for the day when My Grace will descend on all who love Me. Most blessed are they who do not even long for My Grace, but simply seek to do My Will.


PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY, pp. 134-135, John A. Grant
1985 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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