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The Inexorable "Must"
The rule of this inexorable "must" governs and re-shapes the so-called destiny of man in every incarnation as long as the "self" of man remains conscious of impressions.
Moving Directly Under His Will
Travelling through the vast maze of the Divine Plan in illusion, we come to certain points where we have the choice of taking this pathway or that road.
Simply Seek To Do My Will
Today I simply want to tell you who are gathered here in My love to shut the ears of your minds and open the ears of your hearts and hear My Word when I utter it.
I Am The Lord Of This Place
That is the important thing Baba has said — you do have your free will; but that free will is to the extent you can exercise your freedom to remain separate from me, your true Self.
Divine Will And Free Will
"After some time, the man was visibly upset with anger asked the Prophet, 'Why don't you answer instead of making me stand on one foot?'
My Will And Wish
"It is a fact when I say nothing happens but by my will. For you, it should be said by you thus: 'Nothing should happen but what Baba wishes.' This means that my will and wish are two different things."
His Spiritual Match
Baba has said that nothing happens without His will, but that His wish gives us the privilege of choice: we can choose to obey Him.
If You Ask Me, There Is Only God's Will
It is really His Grace that rules over all and over-rules all will.
The Divine Wish Turns The Divine Will Into Action
All things animate and inanimate obey Divine Will, but only human beings can be under His Wish.
What The Divine Will Has Decreed
What the Divine Will has decreed must and will happen.
Free Will
This is discrimination — to know what would please the Beloved and what would displease Him — the most precious gift given by Him to His creation.

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