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Meher Baba

Everything and everyone in the universe is constrained to move along a path which is prescribed by its past. There is an inexorable "must" that reigns over all things large or small. Whether one is male or female, rich or poor, strong or weak, beautiful or ugly, intelligent or dull — one cannot escape from being such because one must necessarily be so due to the impressions of the past.

The freedom which man seems to enjoy is itself subject to inner compulsions; and the environmental pressure, which limits the scope of reactions or molds the reacting self, is itself subject to the inexorable "must," which is operative in the past, present and future.

Man has his name, his sex, his personality, his color, his nationality, his characteristics, his pain and pleasure and all that he may possess because he must have all these.

This overpowering compulsion is exercised by the force of innumerable impressions gathered in the past. These accumulated impressions cloud the consciousness of the "self" at every state, in every incarnation of the future, which, in one's life, belongs to one's living present.

The rule of this inexorable "must" governs and re-shapes the so-called destiny of man in every incarnation as long as the "self" of man remains conscious of impressions. The principle of "must" which overrides human plans is based on divine law which both adjusts and gets adjusted by evolutionary impressions. It is only the divine will that can supersede the divine law.

The so many deaths during the one whole life, beginning from the evolution of consciousness to the end of the involution of consciousness, are like so many sleeps during one lifetime.

One who lives for himself is truly dead and one who dies for God is truly alive.


THE PATH OF LOVE, pp. 84-85
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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