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Mani Irani

Baba has made it clear that the process of evolution is the development of consciousness which becomes full when human form is attained. Once full consciousness is attained there is nothing to prevent one from realizing God, except the mountainous muck of sanskaras accumulated during the innumerable lives experienced in evolutionary forms; and one can be freed from that binding by binding oneself to loving and obeying the Perfect Master, or by trying to make it through the interminably long way of self-effort.

So you see, as a human being you do have a chance of a choice, particularly and immeasurably so when you have the rare good fortune to come into the Avataric orbit of the God-Man! When we are bound to Him, the Only Reality, we are freed from illusion. Doing what we want is enjoying liberty; doing what He wants is gaining freedom.

If you ask me, there is only God's Will — there is no such thing as our will, 'free' or otherwise; we can only have free 'want.' In the confinement of His all-pervading Will we are free to want to do better — if it were not so, Baba would have no need to give us discourses, no need to tell us repeatedly and emphatically, "Do your best, and leave to Me the rest."

Travelling through the vast maze of the Divine Plan in illusion, we come to certain points where we have the choice of taking this pathway or that road. We generally select what looks like the easier way, or the one that we are deluded into believing is the 'shortcut' by following after half-baked or imperfect guides. But it is His Compassion that again and again we are given a chance, again and again He comes into illusion to show us the way.

One's present life is nothing but the screening of a sanskaric pattern one has developed in the past life; and while it runs its course we are developing another film for the next incarnation. In as much as one's present life is concerned, one does have the freedom to make a better job of it — else what use are the teachings given by the Great Ones?

And then once in a long, long while comes the Producer Himself, God in Person, to direct the Passing Show in the light of Reality, to guide His creation with the Love that He alone can give as Creator. And He can change (edit) even the present lives (films) of those who are good-fortuned to come into His close connection.

Therefore once we come into the Avatar's Love-Orbit, and as long as we surrender our lives into His, giving and leaving all to Him, we are moving directly under His Will. We then have nothing to worry about, except to do our best and leave to Him the rest. And so Baba tells us "Don't worry. Be happy."


LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, pp. 32-34, ed. Jim Mistry
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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