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Francis Brabazon

A scientist is an immigrant from outer space
Fondly thinking to tear the veil from love's beloved face.

The secret of life is not for men of unlove to uncover—
It is for the ruined-in-love dwelling in dust, love's faithful lover.

Wisdom herself seeks out the men of love to whom she tells her secrets
To the men of mind she gives her immaculately precise regrets.

Smiling and arm-bangled, she comes to those with whom 'flat-out' is the usual stance,
But on the vertical eggheads she bestows not even a casual glance.

No man has added a cubit to his height by taking thought;
But by love the miracle of heart-mirrorness has ever been wrought.

True, mathematics has forced matter to release its powers—
But the final power is God's which is in the Grace he showers.

The cruelest flower of man's mind is the violet of space,
When God has come to this Earth to show lovers the Rose's face.

2012 © Avatarís Abode Trust


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