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Ghazal 31

Francis Brabazon

It turns out that in one thing anyway the Bible is right;
The stars and the sun were created to give the earth light.

In straightforward terms: Earth was first in the Creator's mind
As evolution's goal, and springboard back to God for mankind.

Earth, a meter dust-speck, is the Center of the universe—
The only place where Beloved and lover may converse.

The other livable planets are for eggheads, some of whom get here.
At the present moment a lot have managed the trip—so it would appear!

Though they have no love, many super intelligent are drawn
To birth on our planet Earth whenever God-Man is born,

To experience the washing in his mercy's rain
And receive from him the heart that replaces the brain.

Only to Earth does God-Man come, for on Earth alone he created thirst
To be slaked with love's wine: the outward journey terminated and reversed.

2012 © Avatar's Abode Trust


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