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Francis Brabazon

Water, by being in love with death, gives life to all things;
Desiring absorption in the ocean it flows, and sings.

The song of water is reflected in greenness; it assumes
Incredible tallness in men's hearts where it perfectly blooms.

It is so docile it goes wherever you conduct it;
So raging that it sweeps aside all that would obstruct it.

Its nature is female, it always flows in curves;
Try to grasp it, it eludes you; respect it, it serves.

It occupies the smallest place, yet spreads everywhere:
Its boundlessness can only be expressed by a tear.

As water are the lovers of God—tall in humility,
Forever passing away in eternal stability;

Falling ever at the Beloved's feet, they spring up in their fall—
And springing, singing like giant flowers, they shed perfume on all.

2012 © Avatar's Abode Trust


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