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Francis Brabazon

I suppose my gallows-humor will not be much relished
By those who like the bare facts of love clothed and embellished.

I am referring to those who prefer tea-talk wayfaring
To the raft and the wave, to blistered feet and sightless staring.

But hasn't Jesus already told them, Not peace, but a sword?
Do they expect less than death from this Man of the Silent Word?

Jesus was God Absolute—but the Same One here now
Must turn over a vaster anti-God acreage with his plough.

By God! This is no time for talking about how sweetly love grew;
If you escape the bombs, don't look back—this Man will be stalking you.

For what else do you think he comes to this rotten muck-heap of places?
Do you think he enjoys our stinking breaths and desire-swollen faces?

When you talk tea-talk about love and the beloved you would own,
Each verb you use is a hammer on each coffin-nail of a noun.

2012 © Avatar's Abode Trust


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