William M. Stephens

If I could only remember, I'd know what you looked like the last time I saw your physical form ... and what I looked like, too.

It's all there in the mind, I'm sure ... but how can I pull it out?

I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night, or if I took my vitamins this morning.

If I could recall to my mind's eye the last time I saw your face, I'd study the light in your eyes, and your expression when last your eyes met mine.

Oh, Love, you knew how long it would be before I saw you again. Did you give me a perfunctory hug and turn away ... or was it a long, tender look?

Did you give me a little hint, a wink of the eye or a lingering caress .. so I'd be prepared for the long spell without you?

Or did you behave as though we'd be together again soon ... knowing it would be an eternity for me?

I wish I could remember. But even if I can't, you could still give me a glimpse of your face, you know ... here and now, this very moment ... if you wanted to make me very happy.

Just a tiny, tiny glimpse -- a few milliseconds. What is that to One who lives in Eternity?

Please, Beloved, just one glimpse. Is that too much to ask between old friends and lovers?

We go 'way back, Baba. Let's bring this affair up to date. I promise not to tell a soul until you say the word.

Copyright 1997 Oceanic Press

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