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One Infinite Intelligence is omnipresent, abiding in and pervading the Universal Infinite False Mind, the individual infinite false minds, and the gross and subtle bodies of these individual infinite false minds.

Mind implies thinking or consciousness. When Mind does not think, Infinite Intelligence is unconscious; when mind thinks infinitely, It creates the universe through the Om Point; when Mind thinks falsely as a result of sanskaras, it realizes this universe through its subtle and gross bodies; and when Mind thinks really, It realizes Itself.

The Infinite Intelligence(1) through the subtle body of the human being's individual infinite false mind (which is the individual infinite false thinking or false I) realizes (or thinks) the infinite subtle imagination (which is the subtle universe).

Similarly, through this mind's gross body Infinite Intelligence realizes (or experiences) the infinite gross imagination (gross universe). The innumerable individual infinite false minds are all in the one Universal Infinite False Mind (or Infinite False I, Infinite False Egoism); and this Universal Infinite False Mind (or Infinite False Thinking) is Itself in the Infinite Intelligence.

Thus the Infinite Intelligence is in every individual infinite false mind. Through every individual infinite false mind (false I) and its subtle and gross bodies, the same one Infinite Intelligence continues to realize Its subtle and gross imagination.*

*Many of the "mind" terms in this paragraph and elsewhere in Infinite Intelligence have precise technical meanings that are crucial to an understanding of the text. Detailed explanations of these terms can be found in the Glossary and in the Essay on the Philosophy, Text, and Editorial Practice (hereafter referred to as "Essay"). Relevant to the present paragraph, for example, are the Glossary entries on "Universal Infinite False Mind" and "infinite mind." The phrase "individual infinite false mind" in this paragraph designates the human mind.

Glossary: Universal Infinite False Mind — (Eng): The universal Mind from which all individual minds are derived. Possibly it can be identified with the Natural Darkness. See esp. Figure 1. Also called the Infinite False Mind, Universal Infinite False I, the Universal Infinite False Thinking, and the Universal Infinite False Egoism. Cf. false Infinite Mind and Infinite Mind.

Glossary: Infinite Mind — (Eng): This crucial term has two different meanings.

(1) At times it is a designation for Ishwar, who creates, preserves, and destroys the universe or imagination. Yet though It creates all form, the Infinite Mind of Ishwar Itself is formless. As such, It is incapable of realizing or experiencing Its own creation; nor does It experience Self.

(2) At other times "Infinite Mind" refers simply to Infinite Intelligence when It is in the state of thinking; this is the primordial Mind that is the source of all other minds — including the Infinite Mind of Ishwar, the infinite mind of the ordinary human, and the finite mind of subhumans. In both of these senses Infinite I and Infinite Thinking are essentially synonyms. Not to be confused, however, with infinite mind. Cf. false Infinite Mind, Universal Infinite False Mind, and Infinite Real Mind.

(1) In Intelligence Notebook 1 folio 1, at the top of the page on the first line, centered and underlined (like a section heading), are the words "Regarding human beings".


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