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Mind is like a bird cage with its many bars imprisoning the bird. The door of the cage is the heart, through which (when opened) the bird can fly to freedom so easily.

— Meher Baba

LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, p. 34, ed Jim Mistry
1981 © AMBPPCT


Creations Of The Limited Mind
Mind divides a reality which is essentially indivisible.
Mind Is Like A Bird Cage
But even when the Keeper comes along and opens the door, the captive bird flutters about dashing against the cage.
The Real Life
"How to become footless and headless?" asked Baba.
Mind Is Good If Controlled
The horse is just like the mind; it is good if controlled, but dangerous if it becomes the master.
True Forgetfulness
When a man acquires the true forgetfulness, he enters the spiritual kingdom and passes through different degrees of forgetfulness until the Goal is reached.
The Stopped State Of Mind
If the mind tries to stop thinking, it goes into the sound sleep state, i.e. unconscious.
On Keeping Mind Quiet, Steady and Firm
Let Truth be your goal. This Truth — Paramatman — is nowhere to be searched for. For He is very near you, nay, He is with you, within you. Seek Him within you.
Do not submit to desires, but try to control them.
Speed-Breaker Story
Stopping refers to the stopping of the mind. Baba said, "Mind working is man, mind working fast is mad, mind slowed down is mast and mind stopped is God."
Real Samadhi For The Mind
The fact is all is God, but you are misled by this shameless mind.
Transcending The Mind
Even when man is able to make direct use of the mind, he falls short of that ultimate experience of knowing himself as the infinite Godhead.
Mind Is As Important As It Is Unimportant
The mind eventually has to go, but we cannot try to force it out.
Baba Stops My Mind
You may describe it as consciousness without any thought, but that would also be a feeble description of the actual experience.
Instinct, Reason And Inspiration
Reason is the fulfillment of instinct, and inspiration is the fulfillment of reason.
Master Of The Mind
As a rule, such a Vali generally lives with drooping eyes in secluded spots, away from the gaze of mankind.
Understanding As The Most Precious Attribute Of Love
He awakened me further to the realization that His ways and words are always beyond the mind; understanding cannot come intellectually, but only as a result of love.
Creative Control (Process Of Sublimation)
The process of the replacing lower by higher values is the process of sublimation, which consists in diverting the psychic energy locked up in sanskaras towards creative and spiritual ends.
Concentration On The Universal Aspect Of God
Selfless service is accomplished when there is no thought of reward or result.
I Declare That I Have Infinite Consciousness
It is not easy for man to accept and keep on accepting under all circumstances that God is.
The Art Of Shelving Thoughts
It is important that you learn the art of "shelving" thoughts, so that you can function effectively and not be so drained by your experiences.
As The Mind Obeys The Soul
We have to have outward self-control as well as inner self-control. As the mind obeys the soul, the lower nature must obey the mind.
The Divine Beloved Is Always With You
I invite man to break through all of his self-created prisons, and taste of the unlimited life which I bring.
Do You See Very Differently From Us?
The death of the mind makes the eyes close, and you will only then see me as I really am.
Inner Experiences Of The Real "I"
Inner experiences end in Divine Awakening.
The word for discriminative faculties is, in the Buddhist terms, the buddhi.
Real Samadhi For The Mind
Man-O-Nash is real Samadhi for the mind. The mind is uprooted and this is the death of the mind.
Intellectual Humility
Whereas atheism is generally born of intellectual vanity, agnosticism is often the outcome of intellectual humility.
Mind Is The Universe
Mind is like a wound-up alarm clock. It will ring at the appointed time, but only so long as the winding is there.
It Is The State Of The Soul Beyond The Mind
The highest state cannot be explained or expressed in words; thought cannot grasp it; the mind cannot know it.
The Real Treasure Within Your Own Being
May His words flower into your mind, reaching your heart to awaken the real treasure within your own being.
All Qualities Implement And Support Each Other
If the inner life is to be harmonious and enlightened, divine qualities have to be developed and expressed in daily life.
The Trinkets Of The World
The trinkets of the world cannot tempt the true Divine Lover.
You should learn how to dive!
Be a diver in the Ocean of Love and you will find the Pearl of Baba!
One Infinite Intelligence Is Omnipresent
When Mind thinks really, It realizes Itself.
Until The Mind Is Under Control
Come and see and bear witness to Meher Baba's perfect knowledge and understanding of all human beings.
The End Of All Thinking
The troubles of the world are due to thinking.
Wailing And Weeping Over Petty Things
Penance should not be like the everyday repentance that follows everyday weaknesses.
A Pot Of Water Can Be Polluted But The Ocean Cannot
To say that the ocean experiences the illusion (bhas) of being a drop is to say that Infinite Intelligence is experiencing Itself as the false mind.

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