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In the human form, thinking is most developed, in fact, infinite; and so chaitanya [thinking] in the human form can be said to be in the reason state. But here, though chaitanya is most developed, because of sanskaras it is made use of falsely for experiencing the universe (or the imagination) instead of for experiencing itself.

Its false use is thus the cause of chaitanya's becoming reason in human form. If only this infinite chaitanya in the human form could be made use of really, that is, if chaitanya could be made void of sanskaras and used for Self-thinking instead of for thinking of imagination or universe, then it would be transformed into inspiration....

So instinct, reason, and inspiration are the three instruments or thinking states with which Infinite Intelligence realizes (that is, thinks, understands, feels, experiences) either the universe or Itself. Through instinct and reason It realizes (thinks) the universe (imagination) and through inspiration realizes Itself.

Thus instinct belongs to animals, reason to human beings, and inspiration to Satpurushes.

The same instinct or less-developed chaitanya which prevails in the animal forms, when more developed, becomes reason (when the human form is attained); and this same reason, which is infinite thinking or most-developed thinking in the false state, when in the Real Thinking state, becomes inspiration.

Thus reason is the fulfillment of instinct, and inspiration is the fulfillment of reason. All three of these — instinct, reason, and inspiration, that is, the false finite, false infinite, and real infinite states — are nothing but aspects of the same thinking of the Infinite Intelligence.


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