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Minoo Kharas

Once they saw a strange sight: lightning, clouds, sunset and the moon rising all at the same time. After watching for a while, Elizabeth asked Baba, "Do you see very differently from us?"

Baba answered, "Very much so. Though your eyes are small, they see the world. Through these tiny openings, you can see vast landscapes. But when you close them, you will be able to see me!"

He explained, "Real closing means that there should not be a single thought in your mind. The death of the mind makes the eyes close, and you will only then see me as I really am. For this reason, I tell you to be ever mindful of me and not to pay attention to outside attractions. But you run after them and thereby lose me. So be careful to do as I say."

Baba emphasized the spiritual purpose of their visit. At one point he said to the Western women, "If you do not follow my orders, what is the use of your coming to me? If you have come to India for amusement and sightseeing, then go and amuse yourself like a tourist! If that is the case, then it does not concern me. You have no idea of the significance of walking with me."


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