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In the realm of energy the increased capacity of the individual to receive the downpouring of divine radiation gives him a greater sense of spiritual power, a larger measure of knowledge and a deeper sense of fulfillment, although these are as yet intermittent and fragmentary.

The individual continues to carry on the physical plane activities of eating, drinking and other automatic activities of physical life. But he is now no longer the tormented slave of unfulfilled desires rooted in the physical functions, although a recrudescence of desires in a milder form is still possible.

He is now subject though to new forms of restlessness. In desperate search for enduring peace he determines to ascend to the still higher mental sphere, upon which the realm of energy fundamentally depends for its sustenance.

Having crossed to this realm, the pilgrim is now at the second phase of the journey, in which he begins to see the light of God. Unfolding divine knowledge now amounts to real illumination, and the aspirant is given knowledge of the past, present and future. He is now firmly established in the divine path, and there is no longer any risk of his "falling" or losing true illumination. There are still many trials, but he faces them with conviction, confidence and resolution.

This second phase occurs at a point which is called Qubuliyat, or "God's acceptance of the pilgrim". Here, being endowed with illumination he knows what trials like ahead of him, but he also knows that he cannot fall from this fifth plane, and is aware that he can meet any situation adequately.

At a certain time the pilgrim passes to the point described by the Sufis as Marifat, and sees God as He is. This is spoken of as being the sixth plane of ascent of the individual in his conscious return to the One. It is in the mental sphere, as was the fifth plane.

In the sixth plane the freedom, joy and illumination that the soul experiences are all greatly enhanced, as the mind is in direct contact with transcendental divine consciousness. The bliss experienced in this higher realm surpasses all possible pleasures experienced in the realms of matter or energy.

There is now absolutely no resistance to the direct infusion of the unceasing radiations of light, power, wisdom and bliss that overflow from the Godhead. The individual's happiness is unutterable, his vision undimmed, his power unrestrained, his peace undisturbed, and his understanding suffers no slightest momentary impairment. He knows no lack of any kind; he continually sees God as He is.

All that the individual enjoys in the mental realm is still not self sustained, but is continually supplied by the never-failing emanations from the transcendental Godhead. Although the mind is completely surcharged with the heavenly abundance which descends upon it from God, nevertheless it constantly recognizes its utter dependence upon the renewal which comes to it from above. The higher realm of mind is no less dependent upon the transcendent Godhead than are the lower realms of energy and matter, for the individual, though enjoying perpetually the free life of the spirit, still has not attained unity with the Godhead. He has not yet transcended duality nor realized himself as the Infinite One.

Even when man is able to make direct use of the mind, he falls short of that ultimate experience of knowing himself as the infinite Godhead. Although the individual experiences uninterrupted self-fulfillment owing to his absorption in the replenishing divinity, still he must transcend the mind completely if he chooses to realize himself as the unlimited and eternal truth, power and bliss of God.


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