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Following different paths, different people encounter different difficulties. Some who do not know the technique of meditation go mad. Some say that they should never see a woman. They get so nervous about it all.

The fact is all is God, but you are misled by this shameless mind. The mind is so shameless that the more you wish to get rid of it, the more you get entangled in it, just as when you try to take out one foot from the mire, your other foot gets stuck more deeply. All the same you have to get rid of this troublesome mind.

Man-O-Nash is real Samadhi for the mind. The mind is uprooted and this is the death of the mind; the ego immediately feels, "I am everything," and it is disassociated from all experiences of the body, for it has now no concern with the body. At this moment either the shock is too strong and the body falls, or the momentum keeps the body going for some time and then it falls.


PATH OF LOVE, p. 55, ed Filis Frederick
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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