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In spite of the imperfection in gnosis, the Vali or Maha-Yogi is comparatively a great soul indeed. He can know anything and everything in and about the gross, subtle, and mental spheres, simply by willing to know. What is more noteworthy is that he can help others from amongst the less advanced as well as the uninitiated ordinary human beings to advance to his own level of progress.

When he wants to help anyone directly, the Vali-Mahayogi can actually lead an aspirant so to say by the hand along the path. And when he does so, the aspirant himself also perceives internally the continuous presence of the Master of the mind as well as feels being actually led along the glorious path to Perfection by the Master.

Generally however a Vali-Mahayogi helps others by merely gazing into the aspirant's eyes, thereby tearing up the inner veil from the real eye within, and thus after initiating the aspirant into the path leaves him to work out his own advancement, which depends upon the aspirant's own exertion, strength of determination and intensity of longing.

This spiritual influence of the Vali through the sight is generally called Tavajjo, which has absolutely no relation with the practices of hypnotism and mesmerism.... If he remains continuously in the superconscious state, his gaze proves to be simply dangerous.... But as a rule, such a Vali generally lives with drooping eyes in secluded spots, away from the gaze of mankind.

The Vali, who is continuously gross conscious, imparts the Tavajjo, when he likes, by deliberately gazing into the aspirant's eyes after getting the latter seated before himself; but the Vali who always remains in the superconscious state, is more powerful and can lift the veil from the inner eye of any layman within sight and put him on the path....

The Tavajjo of the Vali-Mahayogi, who sometimes remains completely gross-conscious and sometimes completely in the superconscious state, and its outcome are worthy of notice. When such a Vali is pleased to impart the Tavajjo, he gets the aspirant seated before him with closed eyes and then looks at his heart, as a result of which the aspirant at once finds the cup of his heart so to say overturned and begins to perceive the subtle light therein through the subtle eye.


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