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Arnavaz N. Dadachanji

Baba went on to say that renouncing the world and leading an ascetic life was easy, but to be with Him, the God Man, was difficult. Only when one lives a normal life does one have the chance to obey Him, surrender to His wish and will, and be resigned to Him with rock-like faith. Living in this manner develops internal detachment and frees us to serve Him according to His plan. Developing the capacity to do what the God-Man wants is the most important goal and the highest achievement that a human being should aspire to.

Although I tried to understand everything, it was beyond my ability to grasp all that happened in Panchgani. All I knew was that I loved Baba more and more. As years passed, however, and Baba led me through many experiences of suffering and joy, He awakened me further to the realization that His ways and words are always beyond the mind; understanding cannot come intellectually, but only as a result of love.

If instead of constantly questioning what is happening in our lives, we try to think of Him, obey Him and resign ourselves to whatever He gives us, real love for Baba will grow in our hearts. This understanding, born of love, deepens our faith and strengthens our capacity for surrender, leading us further along our walk with Him.

Baba referred to understanding as the most precious attribute of love, "the Divine fruit of Pure Love, the ... rare flower of the Universe." He bestows this flower in response to our wholehearted efforts to please Him, accepting all that He gives us and always seeking His wish and will. The understanding that Baba gives comes from the heart and illuminates the mind, the mind having no capacity to gain this kind of understanding on its own.


GIFT OF GOD, pp. 36-37
1996 © Meherazad Trust for Avatar Meher Baba


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