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Control is a conscious activity and involves effort as long as the mind attempts to recondition itself through the removal of sanskaras; but after release from the sanskaras the activity is spontaneous, because the mind is functioning in freedom.

Such control is born of strength of character and health of mind, and brings with it immense peace. The control that has spiritual value does not consist in the repression of thoughts and desires, but is the restraint exercised by the perception of positive values discovered during experience. Control is essentially, therefore, not merely negative.

Creative control is possible because the source of light is within, and though self-illumination is prevented by the veil of sanskaras, there is not, even within the boundaries of ordinary human consciousness, complete darkness. The ray of light which leads the individual onward is the sense of true values, which guides with varying degrees of clarity according to the thickness of the veil of sanskaras.

The process of the replacing lower by higher values is the process of sublimation, which consists in diverting the psychic energy locked up in sanskaras towards creative and spiritual ends. When the psychic energy is thus diverted those sanskaras get dispersed.

The method of sublimation has the special advantage of having an unfailing interest for the aspirant at all stages. The method of negation without substitution, though necessary, is likely to be boring, and may seem to lead to vacuity. But the method of sublimation is at every stage of absorbing interest, bringing an ever-increasing sense of fulfillment.

Psychic energy can be sublimated into spiritual channels through 1) meditation 2) selfless service of humanity and 3) devotion.


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