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Murshida Ivy O. Duce

We have to gain six mental attributes. First is control over thoughts. Thoughts are as unruly as the wind, and you know that. Secondly, we have to have outward self-control as well as inner self-control. As the mind obeys the soul, the lower nature must obey the mind. And, we must set a good example.

Thirdly, we come to tolerance. Tolerance really means quiet acceptance of each and every person without demanding change in them. Mostly we are so busy with our own little yardsticks, expecting other people to react as we think they ought to react.... But tolerance means quiet acceptance of each person without demand for change.

Many marriages are wrecked because the participants cannot do this. As soon as the ceremony is over, they start trying to make each other over — to change the mould. You have to accept each limited form of life. You have to be serene over the imperfect parts as they slowly work out their partial lives.

The drunkard learning his alphabet of suffering caused by his dominating lower nature is learning through that just as well as a saint learns — the saint who is getting ready to quit the earth’s school — they are both learning. Baba always said that the saints were his assets and He was working on the sinners to make them His assets.

You would be a lot happier if you understood this — that you cannot demand justly from anybody more than that person can perform. Accept them for what they are. Some of them are still in the kindergarten. And when you understand evolution as it really is, you know that age and place in life, etc, have nothing to do with this.


SUFISM, pp. 49-50
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