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The inner circles of the Avatar

The Avatar Always Brings With Him The Same Circle
It is not the same individualized personalities of the Inner Circle that reincarnate; it is the individualities of their particular offices that come with every advent of the Avatar.
The Difference Between The Circle Of A Perfect Master And The Inner Circle Of The Avatar
With every advent of the Avatar on earth, the two men of the Inner Circle and its appendage of two women gather round the personality of the Avatar, as the self-same 14 types of individualities.
We Are Only One Of You
It depends on our friends and colleagues in the love of the Lord to guide and train us so that we do not feel big or great.
Come Follow Me
Mind would sometimes provoke the question: "Why has He asked us to do this," but that was a side issue; we did what He asked.
Nothing That He Does Is Unnecessary
It's a lovely experience to watch Baba work through the aspect of money, and one fathoms a lot from it, as from all things that Baba does.
Original Maya Is The Highest Post
The post of Original Maya is the highest post, and that post is always held by a woman, who is representative of Eve or Vaikunth.
We Are One Family
Baba wants you all to work harmoniously with clean hearts, without prejudices.
Only Perfect Masters Can Know Me
Baba said, "No one can understand my ways. I am beyond your understanding. Only Perfect Masters can know me and my ways."
The 120 Come Down With Him
As only these previous impressions and nothing more was there, the first human form went up by itself — being pure — and the 120 were drawn up with it. Thus the Circle of 120 realized itself.
Wholeheartedly Accept The Validity Of His Reason
He realized now, from his own experience, that the mandali's main duty was protecting Baba's physical form.
Who Is Mandali Man?
To be one of the mandali men one should be nearest to Me but according to that position My nearness also to be there with them.
The Merits Of My Sandals
Those who do my work are my mandali. Remember, those who love me are mine.
He Has Left Without Leaving Them
We must knead His Love into our hearts and into our lives as the Mandali have.
A Love And Faith As Real As St. Francis
I can work My Will independently, but I have chosen for My own reasons a few to help Me in that work.
I Thank The Lord For Allowing Us To Breathe
Sometimes the mandali felt sad in a certain situation, but in the very next moment Baba's presence would dispel all their negative feelings.
Meher Baba's Mandali
"Those who I feel to be in the mandali, are My mandali," said Baba, "and no one can assert that he is in the mandali."
Special Training
The small group of Eastern women who accompanied Meher Baba to the West have, for over six years, lived a life of strictest discipline in absolute seclusion.
Gustadji Would Say All This With Great Good Humor
Now I understand, Baba, why I have had to suffer all these years.
We Were Emissaries Of The Emperor
Even though we may have felt in our heart of hearts that the order was impossible, we had to act as if we fully expected the other person to accede to the request, no matter how strange it might be.
There Was To Be No Attachment To Results
Baba placed emphasis always on worship or on helping Him in His universal work, never on any spiritual benefit that might accrue to us individually.
How Best To Please Baba
Be supersensitive to Baba's moods and act accordingly and anticipate His needs before He asks.
The Girls Had Prepared A Concert For Baba
We thought, 'He is going to the West so much; he will become too interested there. We must draw his attention to us also!'
She is the "Chosen One"
Some say that Mehera represents Maya to Baba, and others that she represents His feminine aspect and spiritually He works on all femininity through her.
Take Baba's Name And Follow Me
"Be careful," Katie warned the girls, "we can't trust these people. They might put us in the truck and drive away with us!"
Will The East And West Ever Love One Another?
In Meherabad, however, Easterners and Westerners had to adjust their various habits and temperaments to each other.
Secret Police
The next day, Baba appointed Baidul as his official C.I.D. (Secret Police) officer.
Like A Dream
When Baba crossed the railway line to walk up the hill, the women could not see him from inside their compound. Sometimes, however, Gustadji (who slept on the Post Office verandah as a watchman while Baba was up the hill) would pass word through Daulatmai: "Girls, Baba is going up the hill!"
Wild Mushrooms
They brought the mushrooms back to Grafton. "Don't eat those!" Goher warned. "I don't have a stomach pump here."
Hard Nuts To Crack
At this time Baba had two other centers besides Nasik: Meherabad, where the women mandali lived; and Rahuri, the "mad" ashram where the mad and masts were housed.
Living While Dying
Baba looked glorious in his kingly robe; however, the rejoicing was disturbed when harsh words broke out between Gulmai and Shireen.

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