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The one who gives his life to me, who listens to me and is ready to obey me, who does not ask for any kind of reward, nor care for the result, whether he is ruined or he prospers, who takes my pleasure as his pleasure, but at the same time whose intimacy I also feel, such a one is a mandali member.

Lord Meher, 1st USA ed, vol 12, p. 4277
1997 © AMBPPCT


Mehera J. Irani — The beloved of the Beloved
Mehera loves me as I should be loved. She is My very breath without which I cannot live.
Mani S. Irani — The sister of the Beloved
Mani is my true sister in work.
Eruch Jessawala — The Tongue of God
If ever I personally like the company of anyone, it is that of Eruch.
Bhau Kalchuri — Baba's watchman and biographer
Baba asked me to write and he made me write.
Bal Natu
Only with the eyes and ears of the heart do I listen and view Love's pure gift granted by You.
Adi K. Irani
You see, if we get the conviction that God is, and that Meher Baba is the Avatar and personification of God, that conviction becomes so strong that it never changes. Everything else in our lives will change.
Nariman Dadachanji
I met Baba, I fell in love with Him, and I followed Him. That is my experience.
Dr. William Donkin
Baba told me yesterday that I was to 'be with him ever and leave him never.'
Delia DeLeon
I know and am so glad to see that you have always been "My faithful one" —always wanting to see Me happy.
Arnavaz Dadachanji
Over time He was to me my Father and Mother, my Companion and my One True Friend.
Margaret Craske
I explained and told Him I was willing to stay on if He wished.
Kitty Davy
Baba turned to me and said, "And you love Me for Love itself."
Rano Gayley
Baba replied, "I won't let you go, and will never let you go!"
Princess Norina Matchabelli
Yoga of Truth can not be any further pursued, studied or found or bought or hired or borrowed ... it is Grace from the Avataric figure.

Additional Women Mandali
By mandali I mean those who have been with me for several years, but ask for nothing.... In short, I would say that the mandali means those whose intimacy I feel.

Additional Men Mandali
They are those intimate ones who all along and even now are prepared to sacrifice their all in all for me.


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