Symbols of the world's religions


A Great Universal Drama Will Be Enacted
I will play the leading part in this world-awakening drama.
Never Hesitate To Own Your Faith And Belief
You would be quite right to assert and proclaim whatever you truly believe Me to be — never hesitate to own your faith and belief in Me and about Me.
The Word Really Heard As It Is — In Silence
He completed his work, but gives the Word of his work to the world during his manifestation, because this is the period when the results of his work manifest on earth.
Irene Conybeare: Collective Karma
It is not sufficiently realised what the internal and external significance of this cosmic springtime means.
The Manifestation
I feel personally that the act of manifestation occurred somewhere in the mid-1960's.
The Lucky One?
Only one would meet Him personally. Was it Einstein?
You Automatically Discard Illusion
Age after age, I come amidst mankind to maintain my own creation of illusion, thereby also awakening humanity to become aware of it.
The Word Of Words
The Word that I will speak will go to the world as from God, not as from a philosopher. It will go straight to its heart.
Throughout The Whole World
What must it be like to hear Baba's voice when he breaks his silence? Something wonderful and so powerful.
I would not at all be surprised if Baba were to appear in his body, at different places to his lovers, at one and the same time, or at different times, giving them his 'darshan.'
Very Intelligent Souls Of The Other Worlds
Breaking My Silence will be as forceful as hundreds of thousands of atom bombs exploding.
I Have Witnessed
He has told me: "The Power House will never fail provided the wires take care of their connection with it."
Witnessing The Manifestation
The total manifestation is witnessing the Ocean and I tell you it is indescribable.
The Period Of Preparation
When the Avatar turns on the main switch, each bulb will have its light according to its capacity, and this will be the time for his Light to shine as his total manifestation.
I Do Not Know What Baba Meant
I feel that its meaning was conveyed in His "language" alone, thus it is so far beyond my comprehension that I can never grasp its import even with the highest flights of my imagination.
His Humiliation And Glorification
Wait, wait, My humiliation will come, then My manifestation, and My glorification.
The Four Stages Of Everything
Thus my declaration was in fact my decision, but for the declaration to be manifested as the decision, it had inevitably to pass through the intermediary stages of clarification and confirmation.
Manifestation And America's Future
America has a tremendous future and will become a spiritually-minded nation.
I Shall Change The History Of The Whole World
As Jesus came to impart spirituality to a materialistic age, so have I come to impart a spiritual push to present-day mankind.

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