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Bhau Kalchuri

I cannot understand the inscrutable business of the world.
One visits the world for four days, and leaves it for the same time, not knowing why one has visited at all.

Visiting here is not an easy task, and one visit makes preparations for the next.
One purchases some goods on credit, sells others on loan, and keeps an open account.

As soon as one is involved in the business of buying and selling,
He is helplessly bound with credits and debts.

To do business one has to visit the world frequently.
Since one is ignorant of profit and loss, there is no end to these business trips.

Go to the feet of Meher; the aim of life is at His feet.
Do business at His feet and balance all profit with complete loss.

Oh Bhau, give up your business concern and accept the deal of His Wish.
Do this at Lord Meher's feet and see what you lose and what you find!

1984 © Bhau Kalchuri


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