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Bhau Kalchuri

Oh Meher, if any man declares that You are not God,
He may be anything but he is not a man of wisdom.

The world asks now what Your commandment is,
And has found it to be Your Silence.

Your Silence is the medium to absorb all sounds and reach the Goal of Silence.
But who has the courage to drown all sound in Your Ocean of Silence?

It is Your Silence that is now speaking in the world.
But the faithless cannot hear the sound of Your Soundless Word.

Your Avataric advent is itself an infinite obligation to the world.
But You are so great that You take it as Your responsibility.

One who has no thirst in his heart for You does not recognize his own heart,
And does not know what his heart was made for.

How incomparably difficult is this path of love!
It is so infinitely easy that it is not easy at all!

Love has made my heart unimaginably restless
While finding rest in its own restlessness.

The one who knowingly appears as if he knows not,
Becomes God and is never ignorant again.

Oh Beloved, my obligation to You
Is the storm You created in my heart.

Oh cruel One, the arrow You shot into my heart
Made my heart oblivious of even the desire for union with You.

Oh Bhau, I am a desireless beggar, worry-free at the door of My Beloved.
I have no belongings with me, so I have become worthy of begging.

1984 © Bhau Kalchuri


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