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The Greatest Miracle
Meher Baba, affirms that the greatest miracle a Perfect Master can perform is to make another man spiritually perfect like himself.
My Greatness Does Not Lie In Performing Miracles
If people tell you Baba has performed this or that miracle, let the story go out of the other ear.
The Real Thing That Matters
The real lover of Truth passes by these things without becoming entangled with any of them.
This Will Be The Boundary Line
Krishna recalled Baba's words four years later, at the time of partition, when a dispute arose over the exact boundary line.
Have You Had My Darshan?
Ramamohan Rao folded his hands to Baba and replied, "Please Baba, I do not want that darshan hereafter."
He Got What He Wanted
The man was delighted with what he thought was his good fortune.
A Source Of Incalculable Harm
The novice may seek some occult powers and, within certain limits, even succeed in acquiring them.
Taking Them For What They Are Worth
Very often, when the aspirant is undergoing psychic unfoldment, he has occasional mystic experiences of the subtle world.
Changing Blue Glasses For Rose Pink
Seeking pleasure in occult experiences just means that one is not mature enough for the real thing.
Everyone Standing By Was Very Surprised
Here were two bullocks doing what twelve had not been able to do.
Difference Between The Motives Involved
A Sadguru, knowing that everything is nothing, does not believe in wasting time over changing the color of glasses.
The Cake That Baba Wanted
Baba said, "Look in your very top cupboard."
Why I Do Not Perform Miracles
And when there is no love, there is no bliss or beauty of being.
The Real Miracle
It is purely a question of time when the adepts in the process of making under his spiritual care and guidance will provide an irrefutable testimony to the spiritual greatness of the Master.
By Simply Looking At Her
Baba started to cure her gradually by simply looking at her.
The Redeeming Grace Of The Master
As he went on giving food the Master went on eating, never coming to a stop, until at last the yogi became tired of giving.
This Is Baba's Miracle
The soul of the tall man found its heaven in the infinite oversoul of Beloved Baba.
A look of amazement spread over the lawyer's countenance as he looked at the blackboard.
Meher Manzil And The New Prem Ashram
The Master smiled, probably at his guarded prayer, and was pleased to convey, "It will stop raining now, and you will also get some more showers after a week as desired by you."
Baba Did Not Enjoy This Ride
Every time that they shouted Baba's praises they threw the chair up in the air, and Baba had to cling very tightly to it so as not to be thrown out.
I Want Lemons
How could you get these lemons. You didn't go out to fetch them, did you?
I Need My Money
Why not again ask Meher Baba and see if He cares to listen to my request, even this time?
Miracles And Spiritual Healing
Miracles are justified only when they are performed for the purpose of drawing humanity at large toward the final goal of realizing God; otherwise, they are definitely an interference with the natural evolutionary process.
Runaway Bus!
Everybody thought the worst was going to happen as the bus was dangerously approaching the brink of the ravine.
Meherwan's Recovery
For three nights during that most critical time Baba stood by his bed. Then gradually and steadily his condition improved.
A Strange Tale From A Sane Person
On my way up to the top of a cliff, I put my foot on a stone that treacherously rolled away and I slipped and fell from the cliff, a hundred feet or thereabouts down.
Difference In Attitude Of East And West - Part 1, Part 2
The East thus knows that at the point where intellect gives up its efforts in grappling with that which is transcendental, love must take up the link.
You Killed All
Beloved Baba's brother Jalbhai suddenly got down through back window on the service road and was jumping and crying loudly with great joy and was saying, "Come down hurriedly and see the game of magic."
Divine And Mystic Powers
These powers are ever accessible to those on the planes, within their own limited environments, and as such need no concentrated effort to display them.
God Saved Me Today
I felt an urge to give him sight, but it was not good for him and that's why God saved me and I did not give him sight.
In The Heart Of Switzerland
Indeed, after the war, a German general told Irene Billo that he could not understand why the Germans were unable to penetrate Switzerland!
Turning The Key
On rare but significant occasions ... [Perfect Masters] have to disregard the natural laws and bring about the desired result by the use of Divine powers.
Today I Will Serve Food To You All Of You
To the astonishment of everyone, particularly Kitty, there was enough for all of them to have their fill, and some people even had a second helping because the dish was so tasty.
Baba Consoled Me Through A Vision
I called out to my wife that Baba had come and she should bring the camphor and other necessities to perform arti to Baba.
The Master's Order Had To Be Carried Out At All Costs
When they finally arrived at the opposite shore, Baba told them their safe crossing was not a miracle, but rather the result of their faith in Him.
Baba Fulfills A Promise
On one occasion Baba replied smilingly, "You can keep asking Me but it is of no avail. However, after I drop My body, if you were to ask for anything at My Tomb, your request will be granted. Remember this!"
After four days of rain the villagers returned to Baba, this time with the prayer to stop the rain.
On Miracles
Miracles may be broadly divided into two classes — Mojezas and Karamats.

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