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Baba and the women left New York by train from Penn Station at midnight for Florence, South Carolina, accompanied by Elizabeth, Margaret, Delia and Ruano; Donkin was also with them. Although no one was supposed to see him off, Filis Frederick and Adele Wolkin had gone to the station and hidden behind some large pillars on the third balcony to catch a glimpse of Baba. Although they were far away, Baba smiled and waved at Filis and Adele, spelling on his board, "Filadele," their new nickname.

Reaching Florence, South Carolina, on the afternoon of April 21st, Baba and the group left by car for Myrtle Beach. Norina was waiting for Baba at his house at the Center. Because of recent heart trouble, she had been unable to travel to New York.

Baba embraced Norina lovingly and stated to the group, "I am quite pleased with everything you have done for me — with this house, the splendid view of the lake and ocean, the surroundings. It is all as I wanted it to be. I am so happy to be here, and most of all I am deeply touched with the love and devotion shown by both Elizabeth and Norina throughout the past years in preparing such a unique spot for my work and comfort. No detail, no expense has been spared to carry out my wishes, and all as a labor of love — love direct from the heart. And as such I accept the gift."

Baba embraced Elizabeth and Norina and continued, "I have had many homes this time. I have laid my head on the ground in palaces and on concrete floors of humble homes." Then, gesturing toward the Center, he stated, "But of all the homes I have visited, this is the home that I love the best, because it was given to me and built for me with such love."

After a pause he added, "I never leave. Remember, I do not leave, because this is my home."

Elizabeth drove Baba and the women around the whole property on Wednesday morning, April 23rd. At the end of the tour, Baba remarked to her and Norina, "I am not only extremely happy, but also touched by your love which has made you do all this for me."

Mehera, Mani, Meheru and Goher were accommodated in the Guest House, and Rano, Kitty, Margaret and Delia in another cabin. Elizabeth and Norina also stayed nearby at the Log Cabin. Baba's and the women's food was cooked by Bessie Graham, with Ruano supervising. There was another Negro cook who would prepare food for the others. It was ironic that while the cooks enjoyed a hearty breakfast and lunch of eggs and fried chicken, as per Baba's orders, the women had to be content with vegetarian fare. For others though, he stated: "I allow vegetarians to follow their own diet and non-vegetarians to eat meat; I do not interfere with any custom or religion. When faced with love for God these matters have no value. Love for God is self-denial, mental control and ego annihilation."


LORD MEHER, 1st ed., vol. 11-12, pp. 3778-3779, Bhau Kalchuri
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