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Touched By Your Love
Today is the second day of our arrival in Myrtle Beach.
Baba Will Provide In His Own Way
Baba shows us how to do things with our life and also with money.
Meher Spiritual Center Preparation And Cabins
During this first visit, the property was dedicated to Baba by those present gathering shells along the ocean, bringing them to a knoll in the woods and placing them in the ground to spell out "BABA" in large letters.
Morning Walk With The Master
After pacing for a few moments, Baba settled himself in a wicker chair under a pine tree, and everyone sat facing him for the meeting on groups that had been postponed from the night before.
Days At The Center, 1952
No one was allowed to be absent during the day to go bathing or shopping. To always be where Baba could send for you was His desire, and we obeyed it unless specifically sent out by Him.
Don't Worry. Be Happy.
Among the blown-down trees, by the Library, the Cedar Nook and the Tree Room, there is a rose garden. Not one branch of the rose bushes was broken.
The Son Of God Sat Before Us Once Again
A little later Baba had all the dancers together in the Lagoon Cabin. And the Love He showered upon them was tangible; it seemed to pour out upon them like sweet golden honey.
Memories Of '52 (Part Eleven)
Mostly, during that week, Baba was like a father, a playmate, a lover, a friend to us all: He didn't let us glimpse any of His great power and knowledge.
Memories Of '52 (Part Twelve)
Then came the shocking news of the accident. The news was sketchy at first — and worst of all was not knowing how badly Baba and His party were injured.
Memories Of '52 (Part Thirteen)
I studied His face. It was not the same as before the accident. Baba's nose was broken, and several teeth knocked out.
This Is My Home
After a pause he added, "I never leave. Remember, I do not leave, because this is my home."
I Am Their Father
Kitty protested, "But Baba, what about the precious children? Don't they need their father?"
After Three Long Years Of Waiting
Arriving in the afternoon at the Center on a bright, sunny day, Baba and party went first to His own house at the far end of Long Lake.
In The Barn On Open Day
Baba asked that each visitor should see Him, touch His hand and pass on.
Given From The Heart
It is my one desire to give the property to You forever for Your spiritual cause.
Baba's Beach
Normally Myrtle Beach is a treasure trove of exquisite shells.
The Home That I Love The Best
Then Baba gestured over all the Center and continued, "Of all the homes I have visited, this is the home that I love the best, because it was given to Me and built for Me with such love."
Baba's House
"Of all the places in the world, I feel most comfortable in this house. Even though the climate here is hot and humid, I like this place."
In Memorian Elizabeth Chapin Patterson, July 26, 1896-December 6, 1980
As many of my readers know, before the completion of this book [Love Alone Prevails] my long-time friend Elizabeth Patterson passed on, and in her memory I would like to close with this tribute.
Baba's Last Time At The Beach
For a split second, I wondered what Baba was up to, as we were all walking beside him right into the ocean, with our shoes and all of our clothes on.

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