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Kitty Davy

Arriving in the afternoon at the Center on a bright, sunny day, Baba and party went first to His own house at the far end of Long Lake. Norina was awaiting Baba in the living room and it was a wonderful reunion after three long years of waiting for His visit.

The room was bright with flowers and sunshine and aglow with Baba's loving presence. We stood whilst Baba sat on the sofa with Norina beside Him and remained a few minutes in silence.

Thus Baba bridged, as it were, the span of years of separation. Then, led by Norina and Elizabeth, we went with Baba through the different rooms.

In His own bedroom, Baba saw a big surprise — a large bed not with box springs but strung in the Indian fashion with strips of wide strong interlaced tape which could be tightened when necessary (if you know how!).

When we were again assembled in the living room, Baba spelled out on His board, with Mani interpreting, how happy He was to be at the Center, and most of all how deeply touched He was with the love, devotion and work shown by both Elizabeth and Norina throughout the past years in preparing such a unique spot for His work and comfort.

No detail, no expense had been spared to carry out His wishes, and all had been the labor of love — love direct from the heart, and as such He accepted the gift.

After embracing Elizabeth and Norina He said, "I have had many homes this time. I have laid My head on the ground [bowed down] in palaces and on concrete floors of humble homes."

Then Baba gestured over all the Center and continued, "Of all the homes I have visited, this is the home that I love the best, because it was given to Me and built for Me with such love."

After a bit He added, "I never leave. Remember, I do not leave because this is My home."


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