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Kitty Davy

Baba dear,

You have received a number of cables from me about the property in South Carolina which I hope You will accept as one of Your spiritual Centers in the U.S....

It is my one desire to give the property to You forever for Your spiritual cause.... You may be sure it will be "given from the heart," also I am pleased to say that Father gave it to me "from the heart" and knows the fact that it will be used for Your spiritual and humanitarian purposes eventually. It would be the dream of my life for You to have a great Center here.... No other name than "The Center for Meher Baba" will be given it until You decide that, too...

Yesterday we all went as far as we could around the large lake, Kashmir Lake [now known as Long Lake].... However, there are no gardens unless we plant them. The reason I particularly thought of Kashmir is because I looked at the globe and followed the 34th line latitude around from Myrtle Beach and find that it is the same as Kashmir in India.

Of course, it is the Atlantic Ocean here and not the Himalayas in India, but merely will give Your Eastern disciples an idea of where Your Center in America will be in relation to India....

Devotedly Yours,


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