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Meherwan B. Jessawala

In the very early days Baba would be in Mandali Hall even up to evening time, but gradually our time with Him became less and less, and Baba would return to the women's side early in the afternoon. Sometimes Baba would have afternoon sessions in His bedroom itself — He wouldn't come into the Hall, so we would go there, and Eruch would read the bogus news or any other correspondence that required Baba's attention. Baba might sit in the sofa chair that Kenmore had brought all the way from America. (He had bought a plane ticket and had brought it as a "passenger" on the plane! He really was an unusual guy, I tell you — "Baba needs to be comfortable!" was his motto.) Otherwise, Baba might sit on the edge of the bed while attending to the details of the afternoon.

Baba would have His supper very early after leaving the Hall, possibly by 4:00 p.m. Everything was early with Baba. Bhauji would be ready for the night watch after dinner, and Kaka Baria would also help. Later on Bhau would be on watch for the night.

Baba would sometimes feel hungry in the late evening or the night, and the night watchman would knock on the door to the women's side. Naja would always keep food ready for Baba despite His telling her, "Now don't keep this. I have had My dinner, so you all eat it up." She would invariably keep something ready, however, so that if He should call to ask, "Is there anything left?" she was always able to say, "Yes, Baba."

"What? You didn't listen to what I said?"

"Yes, Baba, I did, but I kept just a little for You, just in case You might ask."

Naja was very particular about Baba's requirements in that respect. Over the years she had come to know what Baba liked and what He would want, and it would always be ready for Him. To obey Baba properly you had to have that feeling for Him, to be able to anticipate His requirements, to get in tune with Him, to know His pleasure and displeasure. In order to do that, all your attention had to be on Him one hundred percent. That is what He always wanted. That is the way to forget yourself — it is the highest form of meditation. Nothing can be better than that.

Baba made the mandali live this life of total dedication to Him and one-pointed focus on Him. They enjoyed it, although it was terribly strenuous and required the greatest attention to His slightest need at all times. The tiniest lapse and Baba would invariably know about it and point it out. That would hurt the mandali the most, to have failed Him in any little thing, so they tried their level best just to anticipate His requirements.


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