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If you are really keen about the Truth, try to meditate with love on the Divine Form of your choice, or remember the Name of God wholeheartedly. Then, with Divine Grace a fortunate one sees God face to face, everywhere and in everything, far more clearly and intimately than you see the things in this room now with your physical eyes.

— Meher Baba

DARSHAN HOURS, p. 3, ed. Rick Chapman
1971 © Meher Baba Information


The Journey of the Soul to the Oversoul
The Divine Truths for meditation through reading.
A Natural Process Of The Mind
Intelligent meditation is a natural process of the mind, which avoids the monotonous rigidity and regularity of mechanical meditation.
The Meditation Of The Heart
In its final stages, meditation of the heart is accompanied by unbounded joy and utter forgetfulness of self.
The Question And Its Answer
Out of the depths of unbroken Infinity arose the Question, Who am I? and to that Question there is only one Answer — I am God!
Bringing The Best Out Of You
Art is one of the means through which the soul expresses itself, and inspires others.
Do Not "Learn" God
As Baba said, do not "learn" God, just "yearn" God.
What is the purpose of meditation, after all? It is to concentrate one's attention on God.
Absent When He Knocks
Let not your mind wander for even an instant; keep it focused on him alone.
The way out of this ego-bind, according to Baba, is for the lover to remember the Beloved constantly.
Remember Him In His Way
What's in a name? Everything, when it is HIS Name!
A Force Of It Own
Meditation or deep and properly organized thinking produces a force of its own which is very useful to the spiritual aspirant.
Meditation Done Out Of Love
When you sit down for meditation or concentration on the Guru or Beloved God, other worldly thoughts of a thousand and one kinds, of which ordinarily you would not have dreamed, are sure to rush into your mind.
Collective Meditation
Intelligently conducted, collective meditation can prove to be of immense help to beginners, although advanced aspirants invariably meditate by themselves.
Meditation For The Mandali
When you love someone you can't help thinking of that one all the time, it is so natural and effortless.
Personal Meditation
A suitable object for personal meditation is a living or past Perfect Master or the Avatar.
Spirituality Is So Simple
Ordinary people are puzzled as to what to accept and what to reject, what to do and what not to do.
Meditation Should Be Something Like A Picnic
Meditation should be something like a picnic on the higher planes.
Remarkably Convenient
When the infinite aspects of God are personalized in the Perfect Master or Avatar, then the mind and heart has a focus, a symbol that contains the whole.
On Music And Meditation
Meher Baba has delineated meditation in His Discourses, but He has not specifically said one should meditate.
Nothing Can Be Better Than That
All your attention had to be on Him one hundred percent ... That is the way to forget yourself — it is the highest form of meditation.
Sit Silent And Alone
Sit silent and alone for five minutes and try to look within.

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