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Meher Baba

Personal meditation is directed towards those who are spiritually perfect.... A suitable object for personal meditation is a living or past Perfect Master or the Avatar. It is important that the object of meditation be spiritually perfect....

Appreciation of the divinity perceived in the Master gives rise to forms of meditation in which the aspirant constantly and strenuously thinks of the Master as being an embodiment of qualities like universal love or complete detachment, egolessness or steadfastness, infinite knowledge or selfless action....

Dwelling upon the qualities of the Master often facilitates concentration on the form of the Master. In this type of meditation, the aspirant is aware of the spiritual Perfection of the Master; and he spontaneously fixes his attention upon the form of the Master, without analyzing his spiritual Perfection into any of its component qualities...

Complete identification of the Master with the spiritual ideal is responsible for removing such barriers as might exist between the aspirant and the Master. This gives rise to the release of unrestrained love for the Master and leads to meditation of the heart, which consists in constant thinking about the Master with an uninterrupted flow of limitless love.


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