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From today I want every one of you to sit silent and alone for five minutes and try to look within. This five minutes is not meditation, it is just a "looking within."

How to do this? Sit in a relaxed position — don't think of anything, not even of Baba. Close the eyes and mentally look within and imagine yourself as infinite. Let the idea that you are infinite remain for five minutes. How do you imagine yourself infinite? You can imagine the infinite as sky, ocean or vast emptiness. And let this one thought be in your mind — that you are infinite within.

Continue your one hour meditation as usual every day according to individual instructions. And when I am here, half an hour's silence with me in the evening. Also from today, this extra five minutes [of looking within]. It is very, very important for me to help you and to give you what I want to give.


LORD MEHER ONLINE, p. 1820, Bhau Kalchuri
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