Symbols of the world's religions


Where Baba Now Sat
Another expedition with Baba — which was for me particularly significant — took us about five miles from Nasik to the Pandulena Caves.
A Strong Rushing Spring
The mount was called Monte Ceceri and the city of Florence was visible from the summit.
Wayfaring In Spain
Frequently, at the moment of his arrival in a place, a parade or an important festival would be in full swing, giving him additional opportunity to achieve his magnetic contact-work with the masses.
World Travel
Mehera commented: "After his world tours, Baba came back and talked mostly of Cairo. 'I love Cairo,' he said. 'It is so beautiful. It's one place I liked.'
Breakfast With Baba
In her reply to Max, Mani told him: 'Baba was sitting all over Fallenfluh'.
Jubilee Hills
A story was told by Margaret that while the house was still under construction, a yogi came and sat opposite it: "He goes into meditation and then pronounces that the greatest spiritual personality in the world is coming here."

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