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At the end of March 1932, Baba sailed from Bombay for England, returning after three and a half months, having circumnavigated the globe, visiting Europe, America, and the Far East. Letters, telegrams, and occasionally photographs were sent to the women's group in Nasik, to keep them informed of his activities.

When the photograph came of Baba and Tallulah Bankhead, taken in Hollywood, Mehera did not like it. "I always looked through a magnifying glass at Baba's photos to see all the details," she explained. She was miffed by this photo and told the others, "The mandali must have been so busy they forgot to trim Baba's mustache. It's grown too long and makes Baba look older."

When Baba was to return to India, he sent a cable telling the women that he would be landing in Bombay and sailing again for Italy three days later....

Baba described his recent trip to the women, telling them about Tallulah Bankhead, Mary Pickford, and other celebrities he had met in Hollywood, such as Marie Dressler, who had wanted to dance to amuse him. He mentioned how picturesque Hawaii was and how lovely the palm trees were. He described the attractive native girls and friendly Hawaiians, who had welcomed their steamer and greeted them on the dock with music, flowers, and leis.

On 18th July, Baba sailed for France. He had often spoken to the women of St. Theresa of Avila, who loved Jesus deeply; St. Catherine was another of Baba's favorite saints, along with St. Francis of Assisi. During this trip, after spending time with his lovers along the Italian Riviera, Baba went into seclusion in a cave associated with St. Francis and afterwards explained: "Spiritually, a big meeting of spiritual personages took place here, the likes of which has never before been held. It is due to the great upheaval that is coming for the world. It will be the greatest upheaval of all times."

He left for Egypt, where he visited the pyramids, the Spinx, the local zoo, and a Coptic Church in Cairo that contained a cave where Mary and Joseph had once stayed and where Jesus had also come with his apostles. After traveling extensively for nearly two months, Baba arrived in Nasik on 7 September.

Mehera commented: "After his world tours, Baba came back and talked mostly of Cairo. 'I love Cairo,' he said. 'It is so beautiful. It's one place I liked.' So now I think that next time when he takes birth, he might be born in Cairo. What exactly Baba liked about it, I'm not sure. Perhaps it was the Muslim architecture; perhaps it was not modernized and reminded him of India."

After returning from a subsequent trip to Hollywood, Baba mentioned Greta Garbo, explaining that she had been a yogi in a previous life who had died suddenly and missed a chance of spiritual advancement. Though Baba wished to contact her, "It was not in her destiny to come to me," he stated. "She had something she wanted to ask me, but she sent her message through Mercedes [De Acosta, a close friend], and Mercedes carried my reply to her."

On 15 November 1935, Baba cabled Mercedes: "My love and blessings will enable [Garbo] to see life as beautiful pure divine everlasting." BACK


MEHERA-MEHER, A Divine Romance, vol 1, pp. 242-243
2003 © David Fenster


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